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Title: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: rushman on October 05, 2009, 12:39:01 pm
So....... Jeremy Washburn, Mike Keller, Marty Timm, Ken Cavanaugh and myself, along with Jim Perrin and Chris Timm as crew decided it would be a good idea to enter a car in this years 24 Hours of Lemons "The Lamest Day" endurance race held at Nelson Ledges this past weekend.

The car was a 200sx SE-R we found in rochester.  After a whole bunch of long nights preparing, replacing things we thought were fine when we bought the car, adding bars to the cage, painting it pink (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness) and trying to get ourselves ready for something none of us had ever done, and 2 of us (myself and Ken) had never even road raced save for a track day or two.

We loaded the car and headed out.  Friday practice was wet.  Marty and I both spun in the carousel and added a whole lot of mud to the pink car.  Granted we were on crap tires (saving the good ones for the race), things didn't seem horrible, but didn't seem great either.

Stint 1: Jeremy took the green, starting around 80th place out of around 130.  2 hours later...... lead lap, 1st place, time to pit.

Stint 2: My turn.  After a crappy driver change because I'm fat, slow, and nervous as all hell, I head out.  I didn't feel all that comfortable at first, but it got better.  2 hours flew by like nothing, and I come in 2 laps up thanks to our long stint driver change strategy.

Stint 3: Now the fun starts.  Ken Cavanaugh got to find out what the tire wall feels like.  No real damage to the car, but we got the black flag and had to serve the penalty..... "Find the chronic"  Ken had to hide a brick of "chronic" somewhere in our gutted out race car, and the judges had 90 seconds to find it.  If they didn't, we got to go out on track again, if they found it, we had to pick up trash for 30 minutes!  Ken must have experience or something here, because he found a spot not even he could find again and we were back out on track, now 11 laps off the lead.

Stint 4-??? Grinding away.  Mike Keller and Marty Timm held their own and everyone involved just stayed out, pitted on yellow, did their work, and stayed clean.

Last 2 stints:  Jeremy and Mike Keller were chosen as the ones who would get the extra 2 stints in the car..... because as the sun started to rise we were only 2 laps off the lead.... and that quickly erased, eventually becoming an 11 lap lead, again thanks to the pit strategy and the experience of Mike and Jeremy.

The results..... we won!  nuff said!

Thanks so much to Jim and Chris for crewing and keeping us in it

Thanks to Mr. Bestwrench (Rod), Swerve Motorsports, and Dunlop Tires for helping us put together a competitive car!

Not only did we have a blast and win an incredibly tough and long race, we also managed to raise over $1000 for breast cancer research in the process.
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: jmercado567 on October 05, 2009, 05:21:04 pm
Congrats. Sounds like an awesome blast!
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: neurokinetik on October 06, 2009, 09:49:21 pm
Holy crap, nice job!

Of course, the only problem with winning on your first try is, how do you top it?   :lol:
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: rushman on October 07, 2009, 09:21:27 am
now we have to win in a bigger piece of crap :-)
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: Garick on October 07, 2009, 12:18:16 pm
so in one of the jalopnik articles from when you were in 2nd place they say " ...Nissan 200SX, a car that the LeMons Supreme Court picked during the BS Inspection as the Under The Radar Candidate Most Likely To Contend."

Did they tell you this?  I wonder what stood out, a good bribe?
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: JimPerrin on October 07, 2009, 02:27:31 pm
We had some very good bribes indeed.
Title: Re: 24 hours of lemons - recap
Post by: rushman on October 08, 2009, 08:48:00 am
They did not tell us that until after the race.  I think they noticed we only did things to the car that were needed for an endurance event.... we didn't bother trying to scrape horsepower out of it, just replaced things to improve reliability and improved the handling a bit.
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