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Title: digital cooking thermometer with two probes
Post by: randyzimmer on May 12, 2010, 08:44:31 am

Do you need a tire pyrometer?
Have you wanted one but couldn't afford the $150?
Here you go, and it will say,
"don't forget to baste!" too.


   Unique voice alert announces cooking time remaining at 30 minutes, 20, 10, and 5 minutes or choose Beep Alert option
   Displays target and actual temperatures as well as elapsed and remaining cooking time
   Additional alert reminds you “Don’t forget to Baste.”
   Progress bar and time elapsed readouts keep accurate status of cooking time
   Pre-set temperatures for all meats and poultry, or program your own
   Digital display shows set and actual temperatures, as well as elapsed and remaining cooking times
   52” Silicone probe wire is soft, flexible with temperature rating of up to 450F
   Also includes an additional high heat bbq probe in a stainless steel wire sheath to protect in a grill and also has higher heat wires inside the sheath and probe that is good up to 600 F

In the box:
   Voice Alert Digital Thermometer
   Stainless Steel Sheath Wire Probe
   Silicone Probe
   (3) AAA batteries

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