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Solo (Autocross) / July 14th, T&T / informal Novice School
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:35:28 pm »
Seat time, seat time, seat time.  We are planning on holding a Saturday event with very limited spots.  Unfortunately less spots means we need more money per person to cover site / sanctioning  / and insurance fess and because of the risk of people backing out this needs to be paid in advance with no refunds (but you can resell your spot).

Format will be:
•        11 am -11:45 registration/tech,
•        11:45 drivers meeting
•        30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 1:20
•        30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 2:40
•        30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 4:00
•        This should get us to an ending time just after 4 pm
•        The main course will be in our "regular" lot, just shorter for more runs.
•        “Skid pad” on the “hill” lot (similar to a fundamental course we ran at ECCC-N, no course workers maybe partner up?, driver sets up down cones)
•        Main course is cold during 20 minute tune, “skid pad” is hot at all times
Cost is dependent on how many drivers we get, need to “raise” ~$1250 IN ADVANCE:
•        Min 20 drivers = $60/70
•        25 drivers = $50/60
•        Max 30 drivers = $45/55
•        Non-members +$10
•        No refunds unless the goal of 20 drivers minimum is not met.
•        You may sell spot to other drivers if can’t make it.
•        I want to “raise” the money in cash vs. motorsportsreg as it will be easier to do "flexible pricing".  Initially everyone pays $60/70 and  I’ll handle the money and “flexible pricing based on entrants” and refund the difference accordingly.
•        I will start to bum money at event 3 and hopefully by the end of the day we will have reached the goal.

There is no guarantee of how many runs you will get, but I would expect with 20 drivers 20+ runs is possible and with 30 drivers 15+ runs is possible.

Meeting Minutes / June 2017 Minutes
« on: August 07, 2017, 05:49:43 pm »


Solo (Autocross) / Nelson Ledges: School & FunDay Sept 10th & 11th
« on: August 26, 2011, 02:04:08 pm »
A couple years ago we asked you ( our auto-X crowd ) if you wanted to do a PDX at the Great Pumpkin.  We saw quite a few hands go up to say "yes" at the driver's meeting, but we didn't get enough interest to hold a PDX session.

So to make things simple for us and you we are going to piggy back off of Nelson Ledges own NLU Drivers School and FunDay.  There are fellow WNYers going down from NYSpeed, and a few of us will be going down to test out out LeMons.

Who: you, the driver, no prior track experience necessary
What: driving on a 2.0 mile road course, fast, in your own car*
When: Sept. 10th & 11th
Where: 3 hours away in Ohio
Why: because driving fast on a track is fun

*Car needs no special safety equipment, just factory seat belts, Snell SA or M helmet.  Nelson is very easy on brakes but still I do recommend upgrading to front track pads (Hawk Blue, Carbotech XP10, etc.) and high temp fluid (ATE superblue, Motul RBF600).  Other than that if your car is auto-X worthy, it probably is track worthy.

General Information
We, here at Nelson, want your FunDays experience to be as pleasant as possible and we take every precaution to ensure that. We ask that all FunDays participants adhere to the following general rules in addition to our FunDays driving rules.

    Absolutely no aggression/road rage is tolerated. One warning is given then you will be asked to leave the property.
    Track time will be between 20-25 minutes per session. This is for your safety.
    A helmet is required. (Snell approved motorcycle is OK)
    All open cars and convertibles must have a roll bar, reinforced factory rollover protection; similar to a Porsche Boxter or BMW M3.
    Proper attire is required. This is defined as sleeved shirt, closed-toe shoes and long pants. NO shorts, tank or halter- tops, sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed; shoulders, legs and feet must be covered. Again, this is for your safety.
    We do allow a passenger, over the age of 18 and helmeted, in the car with you.
    There is a Drivers Meeting prior to the beginning of the FunDay. This is important, so please attend.
    For your safety, it is important to listen and comply with track personnel.
    Please check your car thoroughly prior to going on the track or have a mechanic do so prior to coming to the track. Check brakes, brake line, hoses, cooling system, tires, power steering system etc. Under track conditions, belts and hoses do break, so do not take a chance on missing the day with a broken part.
    All participants must be over 18 yrs old, carry a valid driver’s license, and have current auto insurance.
    We reserve the right to refuse service.

NLU Drivers School
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Contact Information:
Kerrie Bartzi
$150.00 per Driver. This fee includes lunch for the Participants. All others who would like lunch - $5.00 Pre registration is mandatory as there are only 25 slots open for this event. Email Kerrie with your intent to participate.
Description of Event:
Do you want to learn to be a safer, better FunDay Driver? Here's your chance! Learn from a licensed SCCA driver! Learn how to control your car better! Learn the best way to drive in a non-competition event.

Gates will open at 0700
Tech will begin at 0900
Driver's meeting is at 0930
First group on the track at 10am.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Contact Information:
Kerrie Bartzi
440 548-8551
$130 per Driver
Description of Event:
FunDays were created for the person who has always wanted to experience the thrill of On Track driving but in a safe, controlled atmosphere. Visit our WebSite for more information.

More stuff to read:

It's here in Ohio:,+Ohio+305,+Garrettsville,+OH&hl=en&ll=41.310308,-81.019363&spn=0.193671,0.308647&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=53.432436,79.013672&vpsrc=0&z=12

and it look's like this:

Disclaimer:  Nelson Ledges, Drivers School NLU, Nelson Ledges FunDay, is in no way shape or form associated with WNY-SCCA, the Sports Car Club of America, or it's associates.

Solo (Autocross) / We may no longer be able to host events....
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:36:35 am »
.... if we can not get more Safety Stewards trained.

So for our Aug 28th event we will be doing Safety Steward training.

If you are interested please reply.

Solo (Autocross) / WNY-SCCA Novice School, May 22nd ECC-N
« on: May 05, 2011, 11:12:30 pm »
This is going to be a little bit different than our normal events.
  • one "run what you brung" class, yes timing will be going to measure the students' progress
  • no course work for students (or very little)
  • easy to read main course and a figure 8 in small lot
  • no "sea of cones", if a cone isn't relevant to driving the line then it doesn't belong on course
  • not going to take up the whole day

Yes, this is the same day as the NYSpeed BBQ, and we are aiming to get students 10+ runs by 1:00 p.m. (more seat time than a normal auto-X)....

8:45 registration and vehicle tech open.

9:30 registration close/drivers meeting

9:45 novice course walk

10:00 first car off, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, providing the best newcomer experience, giving students a bunch of runs, without worrying about sending them to work and keeping them in the car as much as possible, not have them there for a full day.

1:00 free lunch for course workers and instructors

1:30 runs for course workers, instructors, paid fun runs for students
If you are not sure, come to the this Sunday, May 8th event and check it out.

Pre-registration will be limited to 40 drivers.

Cost is $30 members / $35 non.

As the title states, we need instructors and course workers for novice school.  

Do to an outside event the novice school was scheduled on the same weekend as the NJ Pro so we will be short handed.

Free lunch for all volunteers,
and of course you'll get some runs in too.

What qualifies an instructor:
 Are you a veteran, can you read the course, and explain it, are you consistent (not necessarily ultra competitive), are you confident in giving instruction, and most importantly are you brave enough to ride around with these kids these days.

What qualifies a worker:  Can you chase cones, help with grid, helmets, do you want to miss out on instruction portion of the school?

We will rotate the workers so you will not be stuck out on course for 3 hours.

Solo (Autocross) / 2011 WNY tentative schedule
« on: March 07, 2011, 03:07:59 pm »
April 16/17th Event 1 SeAD (Saturday T&T, one course, novices welcome)
May 1st Event 2 OOR FLR RIT
May 8th Event 3 ECC-N (mothers get $10 off)
May 22nd Novice School ECC-N
May 29th Event 4 OOR FLR SeAD

June 12th Event 5 ECC-N
June 26th Event 6 SeAD
July 10th Event 7 ECC-N
July 24th Event 8 OOR MBR Lake Erie Speedway
July 30th & 31st Event 9 Divisionals SeAD

August 14th Event 10 OOR FLR Seneca
August 28th Event 11 ECC-N

September 18th Event 12 ECC-N

October 2nd Event 13 ECC-N champagne run
Other dates of interest:
May 20/21/22 the Pro Solo at The Meadowlands
June 3/4/5 the Tour at Dover
June 4th & 5th STPR
July 1/2/3 the Tour at Toledo
September 10th & 11th Funday Nelson Ledges *

*not an official event, we've asked before about having a PDX event, and it seems like there is interest, but we will piggy back off of Nelson Ledges existing Funday program, just a good time to get everyone together and hit up the track.  There is in depth instruction Saturday limited to 25 drivers.

I was going to post this sooner but I was waiting for more information on thier website.  Anyways the website has a lot of TBD.

We are going to down to do the 6 hour enduro.

I asked him what is up with the Hot Laps...

"$10 for 5 or 6 laps with instruction, you want to go again, $10 more"

Autocross same thing, pay as you go.

"look man, we're just trying to get this thing off the ground, we're not going to turn anyone away, we're flexible."

No you don't have to show up early for a driver's meeting.


Auto Cross car control at its best. TIME TBD Watch the regions most skilled drivers, or join them, and compete against the clock as well as other drivers.
Drifting Demos Not for Everyone, an event designed for people with tire dealerships as sponsors.
Karting Not just for kids. BeaveRun karts hit 48 MPH and only one inch off the ground.
Parade Laps (all ages) Driving Ms. Daisy, well not exactly, nice low-speed - no helmet required for these laps.
Hot Laps (in your car) Drive your car at 7/10 with an experienced instructor beside you.
Instructor Rides (our cars) maybe more than 7/10's, this time the instructor is driving our car, like he stole it!
Flashlight Drags (your car) The Original Flashlight Drags, Heads up 1/8 mile drag racing, "Street racing without the jail time!"
OctoberFest (your car) Car Show and more. All makes, over 40 classes.
DJ and LIVE Music
Track Food (nothing like it) plenty of it!

Any questions...

Michael Schindel

I'd say try to make it to the track around 11 am if you want to do hot laps, but as the site says TBD.

Garick, Jon Wolff, Ken Cavanaugh, and myself will be at the track all day.  If you want to meet up....


Club Racing / $60 PDX, Nelson Ledges 5/15 & 5/16
« on: April 25, 2010, 07:19:32 pm »
Mahoning Valley Region SCCA
Performance Driving Experience
This event will be held in compliance with the 2010 SCCA Time Trial Rules

Basically you get some classroom, 2) 20 minute sessions with instruction, and get to watch some racing in between.  If you are not a SCCA member you can do the weekend membership thing for an additional $15.  IMO it's a great deal if you have never done track events or just want to check out the track.  Probably not that attractive to the person that's been there a bunch of times looking for tons of track time.

If you are course working the price is $30 per day. ... dsupps.pdf

Club Racing / For Rent: Winning 24 Hours of LeMons car
« on: January 27, 2010, 09:22:32 pm »
*** This is not definite, but the deadline is approaching and we need to get a feel if we can do this or not.***

17-18 April 2010
American Irony (Detroit MI)
Gingerman Raceway, South Haven MI

Practice April 16th

We would like to do it pretty close to an arrive and drive, you will likely have to do refueling.  This is what you get; ... an-victory

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Cost is $500 and covers gas, soggy cold cuts, greasy grilled food, warm beverages. +$250 entry fee ($750 total)

For comparison read:

The wheel to wheel time is about 15 hours so expect at least 3 hours of seat time with 5 drivers.  I will be the last driver out to make sure everyone else gets more seat time. Plus any practice time on Friday.

I'm going to be lazy and not go into a bunch of detail so post up questions.

Solo (Autocross) / "Bracket" PAX class
« on: January 06, 2010, 06:50:13 pm »
“Bracket” PAX Class proposal.

This class is for drivers to apply an index based on level of preparation and driver skill to compete with other drivers using same PAX handicap class.  This would apply to cars that are modified to the drivers liking and not to the SCCA rulebook.  This would also encompass road tire class.

For example Paul Vandenburg’s swapped NA Civic is by definition a SM car.  However, is it fair to compare to Andy Walker’s supercharged Civic.  There is an obvious difference in car capabilities.  To compensate, instead of running SM PAX of .867 Paul could run something closer to DS (Integra Type-R) PAX of .819.  Furthermore if he chooses to run a street tire instead of R-comp he can lower his dialed in PAX to .800.

How do you prevent a driver from creating a low PAX just to jump up to the fastest index time?  Here’s the catch; NO DRIVER IN THE BRACKET PAX MAY BEAT A PRO OR REGULAR CLASS DRIVER FOR 1st PLACE OVERALL PAX or they will incur a 10 point penalty.  This is to encourage running the highest PAX index possible.  

Confused?  Let’s try a real world example.  Using results from Event #7 ECC-N.

Felix Lopez is a regular and is pretty consistent but is limited by his 300M.  Obviously this is not a ringer car for HS.  So he dials in a .71 PAX.

Jason Sears comes to a couple events now and then and with the GTO hypothetically can’t justify spending money on R-Comps or an all out 200 tread wear ultra performance street tires and goes with a 300 tread wear high performance street tire.  So based on that he is not a regular and has set-up slower than a national level FS car he dials in a .78 PAX.

Jeremy Washburn loves to drive crappy Sentras and shows up with a gutted and caged car that would normally fall into DSP.  But the car isn’t built for DSP has blown shocks, stock exhaust and mismatched tires.  He dials in a .75 PAX

Raw and PAX time results are:
Felix:         43.699        PAX: 31.026
Jason:        41.213        PAX: 32.146
Jeremy:                 40.579        PAX: 30.434

Jeremy has the fastest PAX time, but beat Chris Morton’s PAX of 30.794.  Felix has the fastest time without going over and is the winner; 101 points.  Normalizing to that Jason gets 96.52 points, Jeremy gets 98.09 points – 10 points for going over = 88.09 points.

Next event drivers dial in a new PAX.  I’ll let Jim chime in on this but for ease of use PAX numbers should be two digits from .70 to .86 (anything higher is SM).

Solo (Autocross) / Those that want to auto-X, but not their car...
« on: April 29, 2009, 10:01:28 pm »
This is for the people (friends, family, co-workers..) out there that want to try auto-X, but don't have a car or don't want to use their car.  

I have a beat ass car for this very purpose.  Yeah, it will be slow and probably handle like a greased turd.  It will be automatic, because 75% of the people that said they could drive stick skills showed through when the green flag dropped in the NX and G20.


NOVICES have first dibs, the least amount of experience driver will bump more experienced drivers off "the list".  Accepting 4 drivers per event max (2 for novice school).  Stand me up for an event that resulted in me turning another perspective driver away will be your last time for the year.

From the SCCA standpoint I guess you should have a driver's license and under 18 follow minor wavier rules found somewhere on .

This is FREE, although a $5-$10-$20 would be nice to cover gas, wear and tear but absolutely not required.  Vehicle costs are also supplemented by the hotdog/hamburger/sausage sales.

Just send an email .


Solo (Autocross) / Food @ events?
« on: April 22, 2009, 07:25:47 pm »
Powers that be yeah or nae?

I am not a member of FSAE anymore but would like to put together a more dedicated novice (beater) car.  100% transparency if requested.  Couldn't make it out all the time last year due to home purchase but the big grill will be back in full force.  All prices donation only, proceeds will go towards gas, an oil change, junkyard tires and eventually a nicer beater car.

I guess this would only apply to ECC-N events, BIMP has concessions and SEAD still going to have the roach coach?


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