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2013 Results / Re: 2013 Season Points Standings
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:49:45 pm »
I was at the 8/11 RIT event but its not showing anything the sheet. Maybe it won't matter though since I will have 5 events at 101 after this past weekend gets added in there.
Great course and event this weekend!

Great event and course, we had a great time. You may want to check the road tire results, the first place car is listed with GS pax but its a DS car. He pre registered as RDS but I think you were not using the pre reg info so its last years class for the car. Doesn't effect me, just something I noticed.

Great, you may want to post it on in the motorsports evemts area, I know there are some guys there that are interested in doing these:

Any idea of the cost for doing just the T&T for a non member? Same as a regular event maybe?

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