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Solo (Autocross) / Champagne Run Setup
« on: September 25, 2009, 10:24:40 am »
Setup for Sunday will be Sat. about 4:00.

Several of our regular setup folks will not be there, so David and I are looking for some help, especially people that will be willing to push the blower around for a while.



Solo (Autocross) / Letter from Howard re: 09/10 Nationals
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:06:13 pm »
2009 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals participants,

I hope everyone made it home safely and you are fondly remembering the time you spent in Lincoln being a part of Solo history. The early responses from folks have been very positive, but we understand that there is always room for improvement, particularly after the first year at a new location. I will touch on that again below.
I have now been involved in four changes in venue for “Nationals” and I feel completely comfortable saying that this one was the easiest and most successful. That success was due to a number of people that I would like to acknowledge:

·         Working mostly behind the scenes and taking care of the myriad of details that make up an event like this is Nancy Downing, your Solo Events Manager, who is effectively the project manager for this event. Her experience and skill was a key element in the launching of a new location.
·         The other members of the Rally/Solo Department also played an integral part in making this event go smoothly. From Doug Gill and Brian Harmer handling various tech and equipment duties (weren’t the drive up scales cool??), to Deena Rowland assisting Nancy in so many ways, to Pego Mack (Rally Manager) holding the fort down in Topeka, they all did a very commendable job of making this a better event for you.
·         The Nebraska Region under the leadership of their RE, Mark Walker did an outstanding job, particularly when you realize that they are a small region mostly based in Omaha 60 miles away. From their efforts in securing the site, to running the first ever six day Test and Tune (a real marathon or enduro), to the host of other things they assisted with behind the scenes, they are to be commended for yeoman’s duty.
·         Kathy Barnes, event chair, and her outstanding group of Chiefs did wonders in making this a smooth transition. They all deserve a pat on the back when you see them next season at an event. Included in this group are next year’s chairs, Mari and Eric Clements. We are certainly glad they committed to next year before serving as the main assistants to Kathy, but I think they both like being in perpetual movement.
·         What can I say about the local Lincoln community?? From the help we got from the airport, to the efforts to put on that excellent Welcome Party at the Smith Collection, to the welcoming nature of the local folks all around town, I think you would agree that we have found another place to call our home away from home. More on this below.
·         Last and definitely not least are all of you, who not only did your assigned work task, but kept a good attitude during the whole week, even during our one relatively brief rainy period. I am not sure I have ever seen a cheerier Solo Community. You are all to be commended on helping to make this transition as smooth as possible.
I will not go into all the things that are already under consideration as changes/improvements for 2010 as I want to keep this brief, we need a little R&R to adequately reflect, and we have not confirmed the use of the site for next year at this time (more later on this). However, the following short list will give you a feel for what is coming:
·         Revised roadways to allow for better flow, safety, and elbow room in some areas.
·         Several ideas are being kicked around regarding the banquets, some of which are a bit off the wall, but with the motivation to make the gatherings more accessible and fun.
·         Adjustments to the Test and Tune, including the registration process, hours of operation, and concrete repair.
·         Upgrades to the electronic scoreboards and PA systems
·         More food vendors. NOTE: with the State Fair moving out of Lincoln in 2010, the options should increase.
·         Additional trash cans and porta-johns.
·         Possible tire cleaning area, including water
 COMMERCIAL BREAK: Normally we all think of the “Nationals” as being the end of the Tire Rack National Solo season. Well, not this year, at least for those on the eastern half of the country. On October 23-25 the “Tire Rack Tri-State Championship National Tour at Blytheville” will once again make use of one the best Solo sites in the country. Doug Gill, who designed the VERY well received ProSolo courses at Blytheville earlier this year, will be putting his skills to use by designing courses for an area even larger area than what we used for the Eastern States Championship.
So don’t put away your toys for the winter quite yet, come join us in Arkansas for some now famous Blytheville hospitality and some of the smoothest concrete this side of Lincoln. Besides, this event will serve as a qualifying event for the 2010 Nationals and all SCCA coordinated 2009 contingency programs are in effect for this event !!
 Now back to our regular program.
 We will be meeting with Lincoln officials in the very near future to discuss extending our stay in Lincoln. All indications are that the event was mutually beneficial to both the Solo and Lincoln communities, with one exception; noise levels. Some of the neighbors were less than thrilled with our being in their backyard due to the high level of sound emanating from the Airpark.
 On my first visit to the site for a local event last fall, I became concerned that this could become a problem. Therefore we discussed this with the SEB and the decision was made to take sound readings at the 2009 event to determine exactly how loud we are and to see what difficulties we might have in collecting that data. We used the Club Racing procedures and the sound meter that is used at the Runoffs, which resulted in gathering some good data. As a side note, many of our Solo cars are in fact outrageously loud, to the point of being WAY beyond the limits for Club Racing and frankly painful to your fellow members. So what is next?? The data is being entered into a spreadsheet for easy sorting and then will be evaluated by the SEB and the tech staff. This evaluation will conclude with the publishing of the sound limits for the 2010 season, including the related procedures that will evolve from those in Appendix I of the 2009 National Solo Rules. The goal is to have this completely done well before the beginning of the 2010 Tire Rack National Solo season, as the maximum sound level determined for “Nationals” will also be in effect for the entire 2010 National Solo season (ProSolo and National Tours). The only exception to this will be locations that have even tougher required sound standards, such as San Diego. How much further into the Solo program this requirement might go (Regional or Divisional) is yet to be discussed and determined, but at a minimum we would strongly encourage Regions and Divisions to adopt these standards, not only for the convenience of SCCA Solo competitors, but more importantly the retention of your Solo sites.
 From comments we have seen so far, most folks understand that Lincoln is about as close to Solo Nirvana as we have seen and are in agreement that we need to do what is necessary for this to be our home for many years to come. Therefore, I would suggest that rather than continue to whip yourselves into a lather over this, please enjoy the next few months of “down time” (except for everyone coming to Blytheville in October of course J) and get yourselves re-energized for an even better 2010 Tire Rack National Solo season. This subject is being handled and I feel confident that the fact we are tackling this will allow us to conclude our discussions about the use of Lincoln in the next few weeks.
 By the way, we are very close to completing the 2010 Tire Rack National Solo schedule, so keep an eye on the SCCA web for an announcement in the next couple of weeks.
Again, thanks for coming to Nationals and all your help in making it a success. See you in Blytheville; sorry I could not resist one more pitch. J

Howard Duncan

VP, Rally/Solo and Special Programs
Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
Fax: 785-232-7228

News!!! / The Great Pumpkin Affair is on
« on: September 17, 2009, 08:36:20 am »
October 24-25, 2009 at Nelson Ledges Road Course, including the famous Saturday Evening Halloween Party.

52nd Almost Annual Lake Erie Invitational Enduro

Download the flyer for full information.

WNY Region's first PDX event is planned in conjunction with the race schedule.

News!!! / Notification of death Robert "Bob" Gabri
« on: September 11, 2009, 08:56:05 am »
With great regret, we are notifying friends and family that on Saturday, September 5, 2009 Bob (Robert) Gabri was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident while on a trip in the northern central area of Pennsylvania.

Bob was a Western New York Member of SCCA, joining in 1969.  He was Solo II Chairperson in the late 1980’s.  He competed in Solo II and Road Racing G-Production.  He received many awards Solo II Driver of the Year Award in his class (a couple of times), Worker of the Year Award, and many others.

Bob also was a member of Lake Eire Communications at Nelson Ledges.  He worked Flagging and communications at Nelson Ledges, Comport, and Watkins Glen.  He was a world traveler working Flagging and Communications at La Mans events in Paris, France, Toronto, Canada and in Australia many times. He had a near death encounter at a Toronto La Mans event.  Bob was the only Flagging and Communication worker from America to work the Australian La Mans event for several years.

In resent years Bob was involved in organizing and officiating motorcycle events for the local Buffalo New York Chapter Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.).

We would deeply appreciate it if you could quickly disseminate this notice to members of your region since we know Bob had many friends and co-workers within the Central and North Eastern Divisions of SCCA.

Viewing and services for Bob Gabri, nicknamed both "Casey" (for the Case cap he wore) and "Dundee" (for the Aussie hat he always wore), will be held by his daughters Jennifer Epstien, Andrea Gabri and Tamara Gabri at

Lombardo Funeral Home, 885 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Tonawanda, New York (near Eggart Road and Sheridan Drive).

Visiting hours will be
Wednesday, September 9 at 4PM to 8PM and
Thursday, September 10 at 4PM to 8PM.

Funeral services will be Friday, September 11 at 10 AM.

The death notice will be in the Buffalo News Wednesday, September 9 only, but can be accessed on-line at at any time.

Our sincere thanks for your assistants,

Cindy Gabri

Solo (Autocross) / NeDiv Solo Championship
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:42:04 pm »

Club Racing / John Stim Memorial National Race at LRP
« on: July 07, 2009, 10:38:33 am »

Solo (Autocross) / Solo Nationals Newsletter - June Edition
« on: June 15, 2009, 07:53:30 am »
Nancy Downing, Solo Events Manager

      Monday, Sept. 7          9am      to         Noon

                                          2pm     to         5pm

      Tuesday, Sept. 8          9am      to         Noon

                                          2pm     to         5pm

      Wednesday, Sept. 9     9am      to         Noon

                                          2pm     to         5pm

Registration for the Monday-Wednesday times is on a first come basis. Register on site at the Test N Tune course area.  The cost remains $35/hour for three runs.  Again, a fourth run may be purchased for a $10 donation to the Marines Toys for Tots program or with the donation of a new, unwrapped toy.      

8.      Great news!  No mandatory work assignments for anyone participating in the   NTNT.  The Nebraska region will be using a portion of the entry fee to pay workers during the NTNT.  Anyone that would like to work the test event and receive payment for their time may contact Mark Walker, Nebraska Region, to discuss the arrangements.

9.      As stated in the National Championships Supplemental Regulations E.1 – this is a single tech event. Tech will open on Friday Noon and close at 7pm.

All vehicles must pass the event safety inspection (Tech) prior to any on-course participation. The inspection will be valid for all three (3) events – Test ‘N’ Tune, ProSolo Finale, and Solo Nationals. Inspection procedures are designed to recognize potential safety concerns that may affect the operation of our event and your Nationals experience. Tech will be at the event site.

Solo (Autocross) / Solo Nationals Newsletter - May Edition
« on: May 28, 2009, 12:03:15 pm »
        A reminder that registration is open and the cost: $135/person, $180 with waiver for anyone not attending a 2009 Tour or Divisional event.  After August 14,the entry fee goes up to $270, so dont delay registering.
        The Monday night welcome party will be from 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. and will be hosted by the Smith Collection Museum of American Speed and the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau.  All attendees are invited to partake of the food and festivities which include a tour of the museum.  For a sneak peak visit  
        Overnight Parking/Camping is allowed at the Lincoln Airpark.  The cost is $40 and registration is located on the National Championship webpage.
        The host hotel is the Embassy Suites located less than 10 minutes from the event site.  We do have a special rate of $109/night and a link for registration is on the National Championship website.  We recommend making hotel reservations early, as the Nebraska State Fair and a University of Nebraska football game will be occurring at the same time as the National Championship and ProSolo Finale.
        The new site location brings a new look to the banquets.  Wednesday and Friday night will be reception-style, allowing competitors to mix and mingle prior to entering the hall for the awards ceremonies.  Food will be plentiful.  All competitors will receive one (1) drink ticket that may be redeemed for beer or wine -- after that it is a cash bar.  Additional dinner tickets may be purchased on site or by calling the Solo department at 800-770-2055.  The cost is $20/Adult and $10/child (10 and younger).  This is a reduction from last years pricing of $25/$15.
        Downtown parking at the Embassy Suites may be a challenge for anyone attending the Awards Ceremonies with their rigs in tow.  But dont worry!  The City of Lincoln has arranged for off-site parking and shuttle transportation to and from the hotel.  Parking will be provided free of charge at the University of Lincoln baseball complex -- security will be provided to watch your vehicles -- beginning at 4 p.m. on Wed and Fri.  Return shuttles will run until 10:30pm.  After that you will need to walk or call a taxi.  The host hotel is located within walking distance of The Haymarket District -- a hot bed of food, drink and entertainment.  Expect to be asked at Paddock Check-In if you will be using the shuttle service --  we need a head count to give to the city.

Nancy Downing, Solo Events Manager

News!!! / Inside Line, May 2009
« on: May 14, 2009, 12:07:57 pm »
Inside Line for May 2009 is available at the member scca site ( under "Resources/Newsletters/Inside Line" (you have to be logged in to see)

or you can download from here


Club Racing / Spec Miata Toyo R-888 Setup
« on: April 15, 2009, 02:05:19 pm »
Folks, National sent me these set up guidelines for the Toyo R-888 spec tire for National Spec Miata.
Please use whatever means you have, ie website or Regional publication to get the word out. Thanks.......John

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