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SCCA Solo News -- from Howard Duncan, National Office
« on: December 21, 2009, 10:21:32 am »
December, 2009

Solo Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity as the year winds down to give you a
glimpse into the coming year. However, first and more importantly, on behalf
of the SCCA Solo Department here in Topeka and all the folks from around the
country that serve as part of your National Solo Field Staff Team, I want to
wish you and your families a very cheery holiday season and a Happy New
Year. Secondly, we all want to thank you for your support of the SCCA Solo
program and all that you contribute to make it so successful.

Obviously 2009 was a VERY challenging year on the economic front and we did
not really know what to expect. However, the Solo program came through these
difficult times in fine fashion:

*        Regional participation overall was even with 2008, although some
areas had significant attendance problems.

*        The Tire Rack National Tour participation was off a few percentage
points, but most of that was attributable to some scheduling
experimentation, including giving up at least one successful event so it
could serve as a Divisional Championship.

*        The Tire Rack ProSolo Series participation was actually UP by
nearly 12%.

*        The new site at Lincoln, Nebraska helped us get to within a few
entrants of a record attendance at the 2009 Tire Rack Solo National

One of the areas of concern has been the safety record of the Solo program
in recent years, specifically a couple years ago with incidents in finish
areas. Since last year we saw a reduction in the cost of Solo insurance
fees, a number of folks took that as a sign that all was OK. WRONG!!! What
was not realized was that the overall SCCA insurance costs had gone down for
a variety of reasons (bidding, insurance market status, etc.) and the
reduction in the 2009 Solo insurance cost was actually less than other areas
of the Club due to those incidents. Now that some of those incidents have
worked their way through the system a little farther with regard to claims
and legal proceedings, the fiscal impact becomes a bit clearer. The overall
SCCA insurance costs are going up for 2010 and those incidents are a major
contributing factor. Therefore, the insurance rates for Solo will be going
up for 2010 by 10% or 50 cents an entrant.

The ability to mitigate future increases is in all of our hands; Safety
Stewards, course designers, event officials, and entrants. We all have to be
vigilant in being sure we have taken appropriate precautions to ensure fun
and safe events. I know that for our part, we will be taking an even closer
look at the way we operate National Solo events this coming year and we are
hopeful that this will help set the tone for all levels of events.

Moving on to another topic, for many years I have been bothered by the
requirement in the rules for showing a rule book at Divisional and National
events, particularly after the rules started being posted on the SCCA web
site. Also, this bit of bureaucracy hardly seemed in sync with the new Club
motto of "Make it Fun, Make it Easy". However, there was a fiscal (there's
that word again) component we could not avoid; the revenue from rule book
sales was a significant contribution to cover the cost of rule development
and management, including tech services to handle member inquiries.
Therefore, the status quo continued to win out year after year.

Well, for 2010 we took the plunge and the requirement goes away. However,
this does not diminish your responsibility to know and comply with the
rules. In other words, no "the dog ate my homework" type excuses will be
acceptable when a rule compliance issue (car prep or event op) arises.
Therefore, we are strongly recommending that competitors still have a rule
book at hand; either a "regular" rule book (they will still be available for
sale) or a downloaded version.

You might ask how we solved the fiscal issue. Since the rules touch all
levels of events, it was tempting to replace the needed revenue with a small
increase in the Regional sanction fee along with an increase in entry fees
at National events, but given the insurance issues mentioned above, we
dropped the sanction fee increase idea. Therefore, we will be raising the
needed funds with a small increase in the entry fees for National Solo
events and the development of a new optional Solo License with a benefits
package that should be of value for some within the Solo Community. Again,
this license will be optional and NOT required. More details on this after
the first of the year.

Just a few more quick things:

*        The 2010 National Solo Rules will be posted on the web by January
1, 2010. The "real" rule books will be available by February 1st.

*        The 2010 ProSolo Series Rules will be posted by January 8th. By the
way, very minor changes will happened with those rules, but we know folks
are eager to see the new Index factors.

*        The 2010 Tire Rack National Solo schedule has already been posted,
which is significantly earlier than in the past. We pressed to get this done
early for a variety of reasons, but the primary objective was to get it done
early to allow Regions and Divisions to get their schedules done earlier and
avoid conflict with National events. We would like to thank all the National
Solo event coordinators for working with us so diligently to get this done.

*        The 2010 schedule includes some changes in the scoring for the Solo
Triad Award, which was begun this year. If you missed that information, you
can read about it at
<> &news=3823.

*        By the time of the SCCA National Convention in late January, we
will have information regarding expanded communication efforts, including a
new electronic National Solo monthly newsletter that will cover topics for
all levels of the Solo program. One of the many things that are still up in
the air is a name for this electronic rag. If you have a suggestion, please
send it to me at
<> &event=14461.

*        Finally (really), a word on contingency programs. Virtually all
National Solo (including those posted for Divisional Championships) require
the driver to sign up in advance. It is your responsibility to understand
the programs and to do what is necessary. You can review the programs at and I would suggest doing so
regularly, as well as confirming that you are in fact signed up properly. To
assist in this, we will soon have an   on-line sign up system, so keep an
eye out for this. However, if there is a program available now that you are
interested in, I would recommend signing up right away the old fashioned

Well, that is it for now. Once again, on behalf of the Topeka Staff and the
National Solo Field Staff, we wish you a Happy Holiday season.
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