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March 2010 meeting minutes
« on: April 05, 2010, 07:47:55 am »
WNY SCCA Meeting Minutes
The March 2, 2010, Western New York Region SCCA meeting was called to order by RE Alan Nusbaum at 8:21 pm.
Minutes – Jim Perrin made the motion to approve the February meeting minutes as published on the WNY website, seconded by Jonathan Wolfe
Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer Karen Frieder presented the financial report.
Race Report – none
Ice Racing – According to Joe Gumkowski: “We are ice racing!”  - 3 or +4 days.
Solo Report – Dave Potocki reported that the Schedule is set and posted on the Club Website, and that Jim is lining up trophies and T-shirts.
Rally – none
Newsletter – Nothing to report until we have an Editor
Membership Report:  Dave Dill presented the Membership report – 194 US Members, 55 Canadian Members (2 New Canadian, and 1 New US member)
Licensing Report – none
Merchandise Report –Nothing new, but contact Bill Frieder if you need anything.
NEDiv – The NeDiv Roundtable is coming up, March 12-14, 2010 in Floram Park, NJ
Old Business – Great Pumpkin Affair– Roy Bergman presented the Great Pumpkin Affair Budget and Projections.  Discussion followed
Ty Noles made a motion to Not hold the Great Pumpkin Event in October 2010 for Financial Reasons.  Seconded by Jim Perrin.  A vote was held.
              Votes For – 16              Votes Against – 3   Motion Carried
Tim Elliott made a motion to Table Ty Noles’ motion.  Seconded by Phil Henderson
              Votes For – 4              Votes Against – 15   Motion Defeated
Dave Dill made a motion for the Board of Directors to make the decision as to how to proceed for the Great Pumpkin Event in 2011, and How to handle the announcement of this year’s decision.  Seconded by Jim Morski.
              Votes For – 19              Votes Against – 0   Motion Carried
New Business – none
Announcements – none
Motion to adjourn made by Dave Dill, seconded by Phil Henderson.
Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm.
Board of Directors Meeting                            3-2-10
Called to Order at 9:41pm
Discussion on announcing the decision not to hold the Great Pumpkin Affair event in 2010.
Roy Bergman and Karen Frieder will communicate this to our partners (NeDiv, NYSRRC, Nelson Ledges, Kryder, etc.)
The Board discussed the need to watch how things develop this year, and the need to develop/recruit Race Officials, specifically a Race Chair and a Registrar.
Meeting adjourned at 9:52pm
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