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Thanks Brad Johnson for your app.

You will need to register, please use a password you will actually remember!

Right now only event 1 is available, the rest of the events will be added shortly

In the future, you log in with your email address and the password you chose at set up.

Kia is a make option and Mazda isn't??? I must be driving one of those 'off' brands.  :lol:

(when was the last time a Cadillac competed anyway?)

Jon, dunno if it's worth fixing or not but........I went to add a second car (my STI) using the same class and car number as my Civic (333 SM duh!) and it won't let me choose the same car # within the class.  It's obviously not a big deal but if it's a simple fix I'd like to reg my car as well.

If you are running in the same class with the same numbers, I really don't care which car you have.

2 things,

all events have been added to soloreg now.

please check your classing, there were some problems with where you picked pro class vs your pax class, that is now fixed.  I best-guessed your actual pax class, but please make sure its right.


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