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Thanks WNY SCCA!


I would like to thank the WNY SCCA and racers for an excellent experience.

I told some today, that I have been meaning to come out for 10 years. I have been around cars all of my life and this was the one thing I just never got around to doing. Well- today was day 1 of MANY.

Just what I needed- another expensive hobby :)

anyway-- here is a vid my buddy shot- thought i would share!

thanks again- Cant wait to come play again. Wish there were more CLOSE venues.

Thanks for coming out!  Don't forget to tell all of your friends about it :)

Pretty sure ill have a few extras with me next time. ;)

My buddies are floored :)

Glad you had a good time! and got a trophy the first time out ~ Congrats :)


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