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FS: Corbeau CR1 Seats, Harnesses


Hello Western NY! Some of you may know me if you have run with the Glen region. I drive the silver Scion tC, name is Allan.

In an effort to eventually get rid of my tC (and make room for a new WRX), I'm selling the racing seats I had installed and this seems like another good place to offer them. They are red/black Corbeau CR1s. I also have 2" black Corbeau harnesses - and install brackets for a Scion tC.

If you were to buy these seats and do not have a tC, you'd need to purchase the necessary brackets separately from Corbeau or possibly find some universal ones - not sure. That's part would be up to you.

Anyway... to the prices and pics... prices are not firm, but I'm not really looking for lowballs. Considering that most of you guys should be in CNY, I am located in the Corning/Painted Post area. I'd be happy to meet up with anyone within about an hour to have a look or make the sale.

Corbeau CR1s, Red - $500 for pair
Corbeau 2" 4pt Harness Belts, Black - $125 for pair
Corbeau Brackets/Sliders (for Scion tC only) - $125 for pair

If you wanted the seats and the harnesses, I'd let them all go for $600.

NOTE: The seats have 2 minor issues. First, there's a tiny tear in the black vinyl on the passenger seat. Maybe the size of a nickel - not ripped through, just the outer layer is torn. Second, the left thigh bolster on the driver's side has gone slightly flat. No idea why. Still holds you, is just ... weird.

Seats (well, one of them anyway):



Feel free to ask questions. If you need more pics, can provide. These seats are currently sitting in our dining room... sooo... help me get them out of here. :)

If you'd like to email me directly, my email is akintz at gmail dot com!

Brackets and harnesses are now on eBay with lower prices.

Brackets: http:// - $140 shipped
Harnesses: http:// - $110 shipped

Harnesses have sold!

Seats have (finally) sold. I do still have the brackets if anyone with a tC needs a set - but the seats are now gone.

Thank you for letting me try here!


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