Author Topic: $10 hot laps, BeaverRun Festival of Speed, Saturday Sept 11t  (Read 2484 times)

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$10 hot laps, BeaverRun Festival of Speed, Saturday Sept 11t
« on: September 10, 2010, 08:50:36 am »
I was going to post this sooner but I was waiting for more information on thier website.  Anyways the website has a lot of TBD.

We are going to down to do the 6 hour enduro.

I asked him what is up with the Hot Laps...

"$10 for 5 or 6 laps with instruction, you want to go again, $10 more"

Autocross same thing, pay as you go.

"look man, we're just trying to get this thing off the ground, we're not going to turn anyone away, we're flexible."

No you don't have to show up early for a driver's meeting.


Auto Cross car control at its best. TIME TBD Watch the regions most skilled drivers, or join them, and compete against the clock as well as other drivers.
Drifting Demos Not for Everyone, an event designed for people with tire dealerships as sponsors.
Karting Not just for kids. BeaveRun karts hit 48 MPH and only one inch off the ground.
Parade Laps (all ages) Driving Ms. Daisy, well not exactly, nice low-speed - no helmet required for these laps.
Hot Laps (in your car) Drive your car at 7/10 with an experienced instructor beside you.
Instructor Rides (our cars) maybe more than 7/10's, this time the instructor is driving our car, like he stole it!
Flashlight Drags (your car) The Original Flashlight Drags, Heads up 1/8 mile drag racing, "Street racing without the jail time!"
OctoberFest (your car) Car Show and more. All makes, over 40 classes.
DJ and LIVE Music
Track Food (nothing like it) plenty of it!

Any questions...

Michael Schindel

I'd say try to make it to the track around 11 am if you want to do hot laps, but as the site says TBD.

Garick, Jon Wolff, Ken Cavanaugh, and myself will be at the track all day.  If you want to meet up....

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Re: $10 hot laps, BeaverRun Festival of Speed, Saturday Sept 11t
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2010, 07:29:03 pm »
Just an update to this:

The event was so-so, but had a lot of potential.  Turnout for the enduro was pretty horrible, 5 whole cars, quickly cut down to 4 when one blew a rod through the block.

Anyway, we won the race by 13 laps I think.

We didn't see the autocross but it seemed small

The instructor rides looked fun, pretty much all in different variants of porsche 911's

The hot laps were ok, 10 laps for $40 I think, was target more at rich people who think they can drive their cars.

The flashlight drags had what seemed like 200 cars and maybe 300 spectators, it was kind of cool because most were there at the end of the enduro.

Anyway, hopefully next year the enduro takes on a little stronger, the track is pretty fun, its close, and the facilities are good.
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