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Since SM is our largest class, what are the opinions of splitting it and trying the SMF (fwd) class for this season?  I know Paul Vandenburg is all for it.  What does everyone else think?

No reason we can't do it on the local level.

Since this class leads the league in broken cars, it could make borrowing something a little more difficult...  :lol:


I think for attendance purposes......if we were to split SM, I think a road tire SM class would be more beneficial.  There's a ton of people with modded cars willing to come out and try it, but they get tossed into the SM mix and get absolutely stomped and don't want to come back.  I don't think a FWD split would be beneficial.  If you are going to cry about being FWD in SM, you need to pick to a different car to race.  At a National level, yes MAYBE a split between FWD and RWD/AWD should take place.  But Locally, it's not necessary IMO.

Any Thoughts of bringing back Pro class?

Lets try it. We do get quite beat by AWD most times.  Would not hurt.  

The street tire thing... well that should be considered...

but the problem is that most times those that have this problem want unrealistic goals.  Even with slicks the'll get beat.

I did street tire on SM and accepted I was out of my league and made it a goal to get better and improve things.

Well, if someone's new to autox, they'll be in Novice.  If they've been here for a couple years, then they should know better...

This idea of an SMR class is interesting though.  I don't like the idea of a complete road tire class, because it will water down the rest of the classes, but SM is big enough on it's own that we could split it into two classes that way.


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