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--- Quote from: "99_civic_si" ---I think for attendance purposes......if we were to split SM, I think a road tire SM class would be more beneficial.  There's a ton of people with modded cars willing to come out and try it, but they get tossed into the SM mix and get absolutely stomped and don't want to come back.  I don't think a FWD split would be beneficial.  If you are going to cry about being FWD in SM, you need to pick to a different car to race.  At a National level, yes MAYBE a split between FWD and RWD/AWD should take place.  But Locally, it's not necessary IMO.
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i like that idea, and actually i would even consider jumping to SM road tire just to get more people to run against even though I can stay in STU... depends on who shows up this year though, some events there was an all right turn out, but most events it was only two of us.

We will have a road tire PAX class this year, not one reserved for SM.  Any class car is welcome to run in it with the exception of ST* classes.  Those cars would have to take the next higher class they are eligible for, which would be the correct SP class.  So a wrx would take an ESP pax, an sti would take BSP...etc so, there is really no point in an ST car running in street tire.   (the reason for this is because the other car's pax is based on race rubber competition, where st car pax is already based on road tires, they would have a distinct advantage in the road tire class)


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