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Figure we had one of these before, might as well get it going again... and since we're not like those jerks in SM (jim), we don't have to call it smack talk  ;)

I'm excited for this year, dedicated a bit more cash to the car this year.  Dedicated set of wheels/tires (got in on that killer deal on re-01r's on tire rack).  Coilovers, front/rear swaybars, tranny xmember bushings, sub frame bushings are all sitting in my basement ready to be installed this weekend since it looks like it is going to be decently warm.  I can't wait to see how the new sti runs with some beefier sways, it was a bit too roll happy at the end of last year I just didn't want to get in to modding it before the winter to save the parts one season of buffalo salt :)

Anyone else running new setups this year?

I'll be in STS (former STS2) -- same CRX, just trying a little harder this year. New suspension, RE01-Rs, and an engine rebuild... shouldn't take more than 6 weeks  :o

oh and i guess technically i am running a new car, since i got a different '08 than i ended up the season with  :lol:

Last year I added a rear swaybar that put me into STX, this year I decided to step it up a little bit with custom valved DA coilovers with ridiculous spring rates (I told him daily driver comfort was of no concern), camber plates up front, adjustable rear lca's, and 15 lb wheels.  :D. And my tire shop, ***Rainbow Tire*** was able to convince the east coast rep from ***Bridgestone***to sponsor me with a set of ***RE-11's***. Sorry if this looks like a bad sitcom with product placement everywhere but I am new to this sponsorship thing and very excited.  :D

Can't wait for the season to start
p.s. If anyone needs a set of Aristos off an R32/20th AE GTI in good shape please let me know (I now have 5 sets of wheels and need to make room)

Nice!  I practically had sponsorship rates on the wicked 50% off sale on the re-01r's on tire rack... they weren't free but they sure felt like it.


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