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I fully expect there to be problems with these, so email me with your issues and I'll fix it.  Files will be updated whenever I make the changes, so keep an eye on the last edit date.

The file "2011membership_yep" filters out people without the minimum number of events (4), and then those with "T"s next to their position number would be trophy winners for the season.

In case anyone is curious, in order for Dave to beat Dale and take 1st in PAX, Dave would have to win the event with a 40.000 (PAX), and Dale would have to be slower than a 40.556 (PAX), which would be about a 1.7 second difference raw time when comparing STU to ST. 

So after the event tonight, Andy Walker said that I mis-calculated the PAX results from Divisionals.  So I went back though and did them manually. Looks like it actually changed how things panned out, so everyone should definitely check to make sure everything looks correct.

I will give a provisional congrats to Dale Kunze for winning this year's overall championship.

Jim, I'm curious if you could toss the RCC in pro class for points.  I know for me personally it won't change where I stand however it is an event that should/would count towards final class points.

Generally, I usually only combine PAX points between classes.  I'm assuming you are asking me to reclass your entry as PRO?  Even if I did that, this event would be your lowest and get dropped, so it wouldn't make a difference.


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