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SOLD! 1988 Mazda 323 GTX $850.


Rare turbo-charged, all-wheel drive, electronic locking center differential, four-wheel disc brakes, 5-speed HOT Hatch.
All original
Runs strong and clean
Over 100,000 miles, not sure because the Electronic dash; speedo trans gear drive doesn't work, have all NOS (new OEM) parts to repair it.
Stock Suspension; needs 2 rear coil springs and one strut
Frequent full synthetic oil filter changes
All fluids are newer
Newer exhaust after the down pipe; 2.25" Hi-Flow Cat and straight through muffler
Replaced Radiator
Replaced Wheel Bearings
Newer M+S Tires
Recent Tune-up; plugs, wires, cap, etc.
Needs brake work
Extra used drivetrain parts


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