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What class am I? *Thread*

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This will probably come up a few times a year, might be good to make one general thread for the questions.

My '02 ended up spinning a rod bearing, so, I'm in to a new car.

2004 Subaru RS. StopTech drilled/slotted rotors, STi rear-sway, stock STi BBS' (17x7.5), 225/45/17 Potenza RE-01Rs.


It's STX still, isn't it?

yea, as long as it is not an 06+ (2.5 liter)

He has an RS not a WRX.  All of the RS's are 2.5L, and go to STX.

RS = not turbo correct?  ST (former STS ) allows NA up to 3.1.  There are a bunch of rules related to brakes: voids for slots/holds < 10%, and for ST must be same rotor material as stock.  STX/STU brake rules allow more.

George M (RCS 91)


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