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I am just making the assumption that the RS comes with an LSD in the rear, which would kick it out of ST, right?

looks like the 2.5 rs only came with a rear lsd in 2000-2001and possibly in 99.  Even then I think its a viscous coupling which is allowed in ST.

The only thing to worry about are the brake rotors but I doubt you really have to.  That rule was made to stop people from dramatically lightening their rotors.

A. Cross drilled and/or slotted brake rotors may be fitted (same
size/type/material as standard) provided all such voids are within
the disc area, and comprise no more than 10% of that area.

You should be fine for ST with your mods.

I ran STS/STX with my '02, and was pretty sure it'd be the same. Only question I had was with the brakes.

i have no idea why, but i read his post as he had a wrx...  :lol:

brain fart


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