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FF Mechanic Wanted


I will need help for the 2012 race season (starting in April thru Oct). First choice .... Looking for people who already live in this area and could work 8-10 4-day race weekends and help out as needed in the shop. We provide complete preparation service for a fleet of F1200 and FF race cars.
Depending on our exact program, I would consider those willing to spend 6 monthes working in Western New York and Southern Ontario. Young or mature, we can find rolls for those willing to work and passionate for the sport. Students welcome!
Must be able to travel to Canada (passport and clear background).
Greg Rice
greg13rice -at-
Sanborn (near NCCC)

Still looking!
I could use help several days a week in the shop doing basic tasks requiring mechanical apptitude but mostly interest. Students welcome. Retirees welcome. Semi-retirees welcome. Must be better than working at Mighty Taco! I seem to be working 12 hrs x 7 days a week so very flexible scheduling available. Excellent summer job potential!
Located near NCCC in Sanborn! or call/text Greg @ 716-946-1857

Still wanted. People passionate to work on formula cars in the north towns area. Thanks!


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