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SCCA Questionnaire


A new year is coming and there is always time for improvement. Since you are a member of WNYSCCA, we would like to know something about our membership so that we can best figure out who we are, what we want and why we joined, so we can better serve.

Please take the time to answer a few questions to help us guide our club in the right direction.

1. What was your main reason for joining SCCA (.i.e.: club racing, road rally,autocross, flagging etc)
2. Would you consider yourself a car person in general?
3. Do you or your spouse own or have access to a "Fun" car? (Not your daily driver)
4. Do you or your spouse like competition cars of any type?
5. Do you enjoy going to car shows or competition events?
6. How far would you travel to attend any event?
7. If you did travel, would you stay overnight, or a weekend?
8. Do you socialize with or would you enjoy socializing with others who enjoy automotive interests?
9. Do you show any cars?
10. Do you like going to car shows, or cruise nights?
11. Do you compete in any car events, or have you ever thought about competing?
12. Would you or your spouse be interested in working at a competition event in any capacity?

Your response may be made either by email to Tyrone Noles, 2012 Assistant Regional Executive at, or by mail to:

Tyrone Noles
3356 Baseline Rd
Grand Island, NY 14072-1065


* If that link doesn't work, copy and paste this message into your email.


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