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I need your votes


I have entered Champion Spark Plug's Search For a Champion contest and need your votes to help me win.

My video and story about building and racing two Minis and a Mk1 Scirocco are up against over a hundred other entries, mostly circle track and drag cars.
The SCCA vote can help me secure sponsorship money from Champion to help in our quest to race at the SCCA Runoffs again.

You can view my entry and vote for me here:

Joe Camilleri

Okay I gave you a vote.

Not sure yo remember me but i was randy zimmer crew chief.

I have my first SCCA car so i'll be out this year, i hope i see you at the track again.

Chris Gill

You got mine Joe.  I was Zimmer's 'Chief' lackey back in the GT5 dayz.  Bruce Jones

Thanks guys. I remember those days. It will be great to see you on the track Chris.

Just a reminder, there are 3 days left to vote.

Thats what i get for skimming and assuming it should be BEFORE Jan2. That and Kirk saying "You have my vote"


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