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Database Purge of Users

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The site was getting hammered with spam registrations, so I had to change a few things on the back end, and then I purged a bunch of accounts. So, any account that hasn't been logged into for over a year, had a non .com/.net/.edu/.org email address, or had a website in the signature was deleted.  I apologize if your account fell into this criteria by accident, but I ended up deleted about 4000 accounts, and didn't have the patience to look at each one individually.

So, if you try to log in and it's not working, you should probably just register for a new account.

It looks like my account still exists, but when I try to reset my password, the link that I get in my email does not work.

The "forgot password" link, or in the settings of your profile?

The "forgot password" link

I just tried it with my account and it worked.  Can you try it again, and take a screen shot of the error - and email it to me at  Also include OS and browser versions please.


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