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Hello all, I'm new to this sports car thing, but I have just bought a 2011 Subaru sti and am very interested in finding out more about your club as well as any events that may be appropriate for my car and myself being inexperienced at auto racing. Just surfed the web and found you guys. And seems like a lot if fun. I'm located in Perry, ny just West of letchworth state park. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

We'd love to have your at any of our events, but you might want to look into, since that is the region you are in.  They run autox's at RIT, rallyx's at Perry's Park (near Caledonia and Peoria Streets), and some road rallies that run through that whole area.

Our 2013 season will be 6 events at Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

If you are looking for Subaru specific content, check out

Thanks, yes I'm closer to Rochester, just wasn't sure if most of flr was focused more to the east(syracuse). I'll check them out.

Syracuse has their own region (CNY SCCA).

Genesee Valley BMW club also does autox at Letchworth.

George M


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