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WTB: 225/45 17 tires, set of 4 in good condition

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Howdy folks,
I'm looking to pickup some gently-used or new-ish summer or high performance all-season tires for my girlfriend's car.
225/45 17 or reasonably close.
They will be going on 17x7 wheels, for an older, daily driven (not autocrossed) WRX.
Looking to spend about $200.
All 4 tires must have equal wear, and nothing abnormal (no inner camber wear, for example).
Major brands and decent treadwear rating preferred (so they don't wear out in a year).
Must be in good condition, for her safety (no abused tires) driving to school, work and her parents' house.
They are mainly to save her snow tires from being eaten up.
(I'm providing her with a set of wheels).
Let me know if you have some that you would like to sell :)
Thanks !
Nate Michals

i have 2 Mich. pilot sport tires taken off the ft. of a z3. they are 4mm above the wear bar. I'll take  only $50.

Thanks Anthony, if I can't find a set of 4 matching tires, I might take you up on the offer :)

They're 9 years old so somebody's gota use them up. Get them out of my bastement, make me an offer.

fairgentleman Z:
I'll cross post this from nyspeed:

--- Quote ---Michelin primacy hp in 215/45-17. These are takeoffs from a brand new brz. About 100 miles on them due to car delivery--they were immediately taken off by the dealership. Still have nubs on the edges.

These are 684 shipped at discounttiredirect.

$500 delivered in buffalo and the surrounding area.


--- End quote ---


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