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Food @ events?


fairgentleman Z:
Powers that be yeah or nae?

I am not a member of FSAE anymore but would like to put together a more dedicated novice (beater) car.  100% transparency if requested.  Couldn't make it out all the time last year due to home purchase but the big grill will be back in full force.  All prices donation only, proceeds will go towards gas, an oil change, junkyard tires and eventually a nicer beater car.

I guess this would only apply to ECC-N events, BIMP has concessions and SEAD still going to have the roach coach?


If you want to bring the grill to SEAD, we would be extremely happy :)

Yeah, bring 'er out to everywhere but BIMP.  For Sead, if you can make it, great, if not just try and let us know so we can round up some children of the corn

fairgentleman Z:
Confirming SEAD, don't want competition...

SeAD is all yours, no competition.



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