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2013 Season Points Standings


I've just compiled, but haven't double checked anything for correctness.  So please let me know if there are any discrepancies.

Also, remember that you need 4 events to qualify for a season trophy, and your best 5 count. So if you don't see your name in the list, it's most likely because you didn't do at least 4 events.  If you did, let me know and I'll look into it.

I was at the 8/11 RIT event but its not showing anything the sheet. Maybe it won't matter though since I will have 5 events at 101 after this past weekend gets added in there.
Great course and event this weekend!

I'll look into it, but you are in the unique position where it doesn't really matter at this point.

I updated the standings.  Let me know if anything doesn't look right.

Ok, updated the standings. These will become FINAL next week if no one complains about it.


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