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Those that want to auto-X, but not their car...


fairgentleman Z:
This is for the people (friends, family, co-workers..) out there that want to try auto-X, but don't have a car or don't want to use their car.  

I have a beat ass car for this very purpose.  Yeah, it will be slow and probably handle like a greased turd.  It will be automatic, because 75% of the people that said they could drive stick skills showed through when the green flag dropped in the NX and G20.


NOVICES have first dibs, the least amount of experience driver will bump more experienced drivers off "the list".  Accepting 4 drivers per event max (2 for novice school).  Stand me up for an event that resulted in me turning another perspective driver away will be your last time for the year.

From the SCCA standpoint I guess you should have a driver's license and under 18 follow minor wavier rules found somewhere on .

This is FREE, although a $5-$10-$20 would be nice to cover gas, wear and tear but absolutely not required.  Vehicle costs are also supplemented by the hotdog/hamburger/sausage sales.

Just send an email .


fairgentleman Z:
SEAD bump.

Hey Jeremy,
Great idea!  I would like to arrange for my nephew Ryan Jones to 'rent' the car at the next ECC event.  He came out to event one with us to ride and was quite impressed.  He can't as yet drive a 'stick' so your offer is greatly appreciated.  He just completed his sophmore year at UB so he not a new driver - his folks don't own a MT car.



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