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Photos from SOLO 9-28-2014 at THE RALPH


Took about 750 photos of the solo at “The Ralph” this morning, they can be found at:

I’d like to apologize to anyone I may have missed.  If you do find photos of your car, feel free to down load and use them.  Also, please pass along this DROP BOX link to anyone who was at this event and may not see this note. 

For the Driver of the 944 that had the coolant failure, your photos are numbers; 271-275

If I talked to you this morning, thanks for being so friendly, it was a great morning of fun!

Mike Brunner
FLR-SCCA Membership Chair.

Gary Crozier:
Thanks so much for taking the time to take these great photos.
Silver 79 RX7

Great pics Mike...  especially liked the rapid fire sequence shots. 

George M

My Pleasure, & Thanx


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