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SeAD Setup May 16th


Jim and I will be meeting at SeAD at around 4pm next Saturday for course setup, and could use a few more hands.  Please post up and let us know if you are willing.  If someone wants to ride down in the timing truck with Jim, I'll have room for 1 more person coming back to buffalo (we're not staying over, I'll be out that way anyway and coming back to Buff).

If there is someone out there that is codriving someone else's car, and is interested in driving the truck there and back, I'd be up for a camp out at sampson.

I'm gonna be there for the evo school so I can help setup saturday evening...I'd rather stay overnight.  Does anybody have a site yet?  Looks like loop 6 is full.

Im not worried about getting the truck back to WNY afterwards, worst case I can drive it.  If someone wants to take the truck out and return to buffalo that night, I will have room in my car.



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