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National Tour @ Seneca coming up soon!
« on: May 15, 2009, 07:39:51 am »
If you have looked at a calendar recently, you may have noticed that the National Tour is coming up quickly --  just four weeks away! It's June 12-14 at Seneca Army Depot.

For those who aren't familiar with it: this is a weekend-long national level event with competitors coming from around the northeast, and beyond. You will take three runs on Saturday, then three runs on Sunday (on a different course). Your time for the weekend is your best Saturday time plus your best Sunday time. So it can all come down to the last run!

In addition, there will be a practice course available on Friday, and a mini Evolution School on Friday morning. We'll have a welcome party with refreshments on Friday night.More information is available on the official site:

Also, take a look at the contingency programs for this year, and see how you can win money, or -- even better -- tires:

Currently there are 136 competitors signed up, the entry cap is 250. Early registration is open until two weeks before the event. It's $90 now, the price will increase to $130 after 4 PM on May 29. You can register here: Just log in with your member number and password.

I am also looking for some workers, both for exempt positions throughout the weekend, and for the practice course on Friday. These can be competitors, or not, either is ok! Please contact me directly if you are interested. I'll let you know what's available, and we can figure out what job would work best for you.

Any questions, just ask!

Marnie Soom
16/116 STS CRX
Event Chair - 2009 Finger Lakes National Tour
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Re: National Tour @ Seneca coming up soon!
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2009, 09:40:00 am »
Time for a quick update -

We are now up to 184 entries. We're on track to meet or exceed the 197 entries from last year's ProSolo. Still on the fence? Remember that the early bird registration price ends on Friday!

Note that unlike a ProSolo, there is no "bumping" at a Tour. There is not a minimum number of people in a class. You can run in a class of one -- though the number of drivers will effect contingency payouts.

Competitors, please take a look at the event schedule, you will probably want to be on site Friday if at all possible: ... 3672&hub=3

I'm still looking for a few workers for different jobs throughout the weekend -- registration, gate, chief of grid, chief of waivers, etc. I also need a few people to manage the course of the ] practice course / Evo school -- not course work, just setup, waivers, registration, ticket sales, and whatnot. Practice course crew will get tickets for free runs, and lunch will be provided for Friday workers. Contact me for details.
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