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March 2015 Membership Meeting


The March 2015 Western New York Region SCCA meeting was called to order by RE Jonathan  Wolff at 7:32 pm on March 2, 2015 at the Olympic Restaurant on Genesee.

Minutes – Jon W a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting as posted on the WNY web site. The motion was seconded by Dale K.

Treasurer’s Report – Dale K gave the financial report. 

Race Report –

Ice Racing – 

Solo Report – Meeting was had prior to general meeting to discuss upcoming season as well as budget.

Membership Report - 296

Licensing Report –

Guests -

Merchandise Report – Dale K has a selection of patches, stickers and pins available.

NEDiv – Meeting in March

Old Business –

New Business –

Announcements - 

Motion to adjourn made by Phil H seconded by Erik V.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37.

Minutes submitted by, Dave P


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