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Need a helmet for Solo or PDX?

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G-Force full face (SA2000) white, in very good condition. $100.00 or best offer. Will be moving back in June but will be in town this weekend (April 24-26) can bring it with me for the right price!
Ron (970) 238-0147

Just a heads up - as soon as the Snell 2015 helmets come out, only those, 2010 and 2005 helmets will be permitted at SCCA Solo events.  So this one is good until October-ish.

Interesting, I have been involved with SCCA for going on 35 years and have never had a helmet checked and yes, that includes WNY events!

You are supposed to bring your helmet with you to tech and show them.  Don't worry, though, I'll fix it.

Maybe it could be used exclusively in the rental car challenge. 


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