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Event 2 - 6/26/2016 Ralph Wilson Stadium


Results! Updated!

I would like to thank Jim Perrin for all his help today! Especially for being able to figure out how to separate one event into two days. :D
  Great Time yesterday @ the Ralph.  Have a question.  there was some question about what class my Mustang should run in.  I was ultimately put in the STP class.  Specs on my car:  2014 V6-3.7:  K&N Typhoon CAI, BBK Throttle Body, BBK X-Pipe w/High Flow CAT's, Rousch Axle back Mufflers.
  Is STP the correct class?   

Technically, a non-stock throttle body would make the car illegal for STP.  Sounds like you'd have to run in E Street Prepared.


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