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Locating old friends..late 70's early 80's


Hello there,finally found the source to locate some friends from decades ago,when i was member and participated at the WNY SCCA events.My name is Andreas Zapatinas,does it ring a bell?I would love to connect again!
Thanx for helping. :)

Welcome back Andreas!

Our forum is a little slow since Facebook happened. You might have better luck here:


Thanks for the hint Carrie,although not a big fan of facebook,I will scan some photos from back then and eventually post them.
Visual stimulation may help,but I realize that most probably no member from back then is still active.I was in my 20's then,but have left Buffalo in 82 and since 86 I leave abroad,mostly in Turin,Italy.We did some autocross events in Lancaster and Holland speedways and had lots of fun getting down to Pennsylvania for the Happiness is Sunrise Rally.Also some frozen lake events that were great fun indeed.


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