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January 1955 WNY Newsletter


Here's the first known newsletter for the WNY region.
It is listed as Vol 2 so they may have known of an earlier attempt or they were just being careful in case there was.
WNY covered a lot of territory as Glen, FLR and Misery Bay all spun off as the club grew.
When Bill Milliken drove to an early SCCA meeting in Connecticut, in the winter, in an MG TB, they were amazed and gave him everything West of Albany. I'm not sure there were any restrictions in N, S or W!
The Cover may have been printed beforehand and then Page One printed on the reverse side. The other pages are individual sheets with nothing on the back. Uploading has not gone well and it may take a few tries.

I had the cover as a 600dpi and it wouldn't load, here it is.

Hopefully, the rest will fit in this post.

The entire January 1955 WNY Newsletter is now online as a Flickr album at


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