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Saturday June 15 2019, WNY-SCCA Solo School
« on: June 04, 2019, 10:07:02 am »
WNY-SCCA Solo School

Saturday June 15th 2019

This school is for novices, lower intermediate, and anyone that wants more seat time. No prior experience is necessary. Learn car control in a safe controlled environment, and yes, you get to drive fast and have fun.

Please pre-register, you will not be charged if you do not show:

Tentative schedule of events:

8:00 site opens, unload car, walk course.

8:30 registration open, sign waiver, get wristband, check in, pay on site.

9:00 tech inspection open

9:30 novice walk through, worker and instructor meeting.

10:00 drivers meeting

10:30 driving begins

· Slalom is a car placement exercise, instead of standing cones we will use a pointer and rubber hose to run over to feel the placement of the car. Jump to 4:22 in this video:

· Figure 8 is a high repetition exercise that focuses on corner entry, constant radius turn, looking for exit point for acceleration and repeat. Due to the nature of the lot the “upper” turn is off camber, giving two different corners. It’s tight, but still rewarding in 2nd gear. Typically, wide on entry cone, tight on the two apex cones, and wide on the exit cone. Highly recommend having instructor drive your car (not required) if you are comfortable, and try to mimic.

· Threshold braking accelerate to 40-50 mph and heavy brake to 10 mph. Cones will mark different braking points. This is to get accustomed to late braking.

· Main course, timing lights going, during the morning session we will use only the section past the pedestrian walkway. Shorter laps, and more repetition to build skills.

12:30 ? Once all students have been exposed to all courses we will have a 30-minute lunch break (drive respectably off site).

Afternoon sessions

· We will use entire main course, timing lights going, and allow instructors and non-student course workers to take runs.

· We will try to keep slalom and figure 8 open depending on instructors and safety stewards


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